By Maya Lockett

Adam Sandler once sang about the lonesome kicker, but one particular foot at College of the Canyons and former Saugus High School Alum is getting plenty of national attention as he becomes a huge part of the Cougar success.

Tanner Brown is a D1 ready prospect that is known for his explosive leg on the football field, but his athletic career did not start in the same sport that will one day change his life.

 “I started playing football my sophomore year of high-school when my old soccer coach Rick Miler asked if I would become a kicker on our high-school football team,” said Brown.

That day changed his life forever, but with faith and dedication Brown has made himself into a household name. He is ranked number six in his class but even with a high ranking he does not allow the pressure to get to him, which could be one of his secrets to success.

“I don’t feel any pressure it’s all about going out and kicking the ball in the upright. “Ranking doesn’t matter it’s all about how they see you and how you perform in a game,” said Brown.  

And Brown’s performance never disappoints his supporters.

It’s always fun to watch Tanner kick, either during a game or at practice,” said Jesse Munoz who is the sports information director at COC. “Some of the video clips I’ve seen from him at practice, booting 60-yard field goals with ease, are amazing.”  

“During the live stream broadcasts this season we were constantly commenting about how ‘he’s near automatic’ or this kick is ‘well within his range’ so as a Cougars fan, just knowing you have that weapon in your arsenal is exciting,” said Munoz.

Brown uses everyday as an opportunity to work on his craft, but his motivation comes from the people that have supported him throughout this entire journey.

“My family pushes me to be better every day, it’s mainly my mom who is really driving me. She was the one who took me to soccer tournaments and camps,” said Brown.

“It’s only right that I pay her back in the work ethic that I’ve put into football.”

“He is always operating with a goal to get better,” said Munoz. Brown focuses on getting closer to his main goal every day.

He hopes to one day be a professional kicker in the NFL and knows that this opportunity will give him the chance to support him family financially.

“My family motivates me the most because knowing that I can make a career out of being a kicker, they will never have to worry about anything or work,” said Brown.

Brown wouldn’t be the first COC football player to make it to the NFL, but he would be the first kicker.

COC has had 14 football players play in the NFL, including players like Marquise Brown and Matt Moore. Brown and his support system have no doubt in their mind that he will be number 15.

“Tanner is well on his way to taking his talents to an NCAA Division I program, and from there eventually accomplishing his goal of kicking on Sundays which any of the 32 kickers currently in the NFL will tell you is no easy job. He’s a very hardworking and talented young man, and the sky is the limit in terms of how high he can go. His College of the Canyons football family will definitely be rooting for him along the way,” said Munoz.

Brown’s confidence in his future career shows through his work ethic. He never took off days and looks forward to the challenges that come his way.

“I like pushing myself in the weight room, during conditioning and practice because I like to progress and get better every day,” said Brown.

  “I like to pay attention to the little things that matters the most, I think if you can do the little things right then the big things will take care of themselves.”  

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