Santa Clarita Deputies took on Castaic middle school in their 7th annual basketball game.

Each year is more competitive than the last and neither team holds back.

The program gives kids a chance to see the person behind the badge.

Deputy Brian Rooney created the event 7 years ago as a way for kids and cops to hang out.

“It’s just a good opportunity to let kids see us in an environment other than pulling you over giving you a ticket or arresting you just a different environment a little more friendly a little more fun”  said Deputy Brian Rooney.

The deputies want the students to know they are more than the negative connotations that go along with being an officer.

“We have their best interest at heart” said Officer Gavin Glauser, who is another deputy who volunteered his time to play in the game.

After years of this program and working with kids deputy Rooney has seen a real change in the way students feel about the officers.

“After years of doing it you can see how well kids change and respond to law enforcement when they realize you’re a person”

The police officers took home the win this year but the middle school students promised to get them back next year.


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