Relay for Life was first introduced in Santa Clarita in 1999. This years event is called Circque du Cure and the theme is circus/carnival. At this relay people are encouraged to walk laps, buy things from local vendors, and buy raffle tickets in the hopes of winning a prize. Teresa Kerr has been a part of relay for life since 2003. She also set up a relay for life museum that has a bunch of photos, articles of people who are a part of the relay.

The feeling of losing a loved one, the burden that many people feel, and the grief that no one ever gets past due to this deadly disease can be felt throughout this last lap. But there is one thing that people should always keep in mind when going through this battle, the feeling of hope and the feeling that I will defeat cancer.

Speaker Teresa Kerr Chair of Relay Museum – “Well, I started relaying for a friend but since then my mother, my father and my brother, older brother have all been diagnosed with cancer. My father has passed away two years ago but my brother and
mother are both surviving.”

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