Hellion Core Fitness is a personal training facility locally owned and operated in Santa Clarita. The owner, Andrew Portillo, has owned it for around five years. He recently extended his lease for another 5 years which is good news since things almost changed during the pandemic. 

“Things were going well. I was looking to expand before the pandemic, “ said Portillo. “But the pandemic pushed me back about two years, too today. But now things are going well.”

The studio focuses on personalized training for each client. Andrew personally works with each client to help better their eating, personalize a workout to their needs, and he gives them the attention they need to succeed fitness wise. 

Before opening his own studio he started at the age of 19. He worked as a trainer at LA fitness, Gold’s Gym, and Snap fitness. Then he realized he could expand on his own. Which he did and now he owns his own business. 

Andrew Portillo boxing in Hellion Core Fitness, Wednesday 051822 (Daniel Rios/Canyons News) 

He knows that every client of his has a story. A reason as to why they wanted to work with him in the first place. Chelsea Orzechowski has a unique story as to why she started to work with Andrew. 

“I slipped a disk, and it was poking out about eight centimeters. It was excruciating. I couldn’t walk for about several months,” said Orzechowski. “I got to a point where I was able to walk again with a cane. But shortly after that I got to a point where I needed to strengthen my core.” 

They originally were able to help her with her back issues. Which was great news for Chelsea. But there was another motivating factor for her to keep going.

“When she came in the goal was to strengthen her back and all the core muscles around that area. Then she had her next goal which was to get pregnant and be healthy enough to go through pregnancy.” said Portillo. 

Chelsea Orzechowski working out in Hellion Core Fitness, Wednesday 051822 (Daniel Rios/Canyons News) 

Being able to give birth to her child after not being able to walk was a big accomplishment for Chelsea. She is happy with the amount of work that she has put in and could not be happier. 

“My daughter is a big girl. She is almost 25-30 pounds. I’m glad I can pick her up,” said Orzechowski. “I had a wonderful pregnancy with limited complaints. Honestly I think it was because I was consistent in the gym.” 

Now after having her first child and a second on the way. Chelsea is healthy enough to be a parent now, but has more motivation to stay in the gym. 

Chelsea Orzechowski playing with her child in Hellion core fitness, Wednesday 051822 (Daniel Rios/Canyons News) 

“I wanna be able to hold my grandkids, and still take care of them. Be that support system.” said Orzechowski.

As for Andrew this is one of the most unique clients he has ever had. He is very happy with the results with Chelsea, and realistically knows how rare of a situation this is. 

“The fact we were able to succeed, and go to the next level of her being a mother,” said Portillo. “I think that’s priceless. You know it’s very uncommon to train someone in that scenario.”  

The bond that these two have is more than Andrew just being a trainer for Chelsea. He has helped through one of the most rough periods of her life.

“He’s been wonderful. More of a friend, then just a trainer. Obviously I bring my daughter with me to my workout now,” said Orzechowski. “He’s helped me through a back injury. After that, we healed to carry the weight of the pregnancy. You know we have conversations, so I just kinda view him as more of a friend than a trainer.

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