By: Andres Sosa

Santa Clarita has always had fun activities, and now one of them is coming back. With all the harsh rain that has occurred, the Aquatic center had to do some major changes for the safety of their community.

Jacob Acosta reveals, “The Aquatic center is a facility that we run here in Santa Clarita that offers several aquatic space programs. Year round, we offer lap swim for patrons who are looking for an aquatic program to stay in shape… Our facility has been around since 2003, and since then there has been just wear and tear that you get from whether it’s just water coming from the pool out onto the pool deck. And just the elements really take away at the concrete and plaster in the pool.”

Now with their problems solved, they can get back to plan promoting a healthy lifestyle to their customers. Utilizing the elements taught at the Aquatic center, it could also be used as a way to save lives or even your own.

“Trends regardless of age, size, or background to get familiar with because one of the most dangerous things that you can be around is water and if you don’t have the skills to protect yourself and protect others. So with the programs that we offer, we are very oriented in making sure our patrons are well equipped with the skills to stay safe in the water,” states Jacob Acosta.

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