The Newhall branch of the Santa Clarita Community Center hosts countless events and activities available to all residents. While the center is a hotspot for local events, the coordinating team members provide the critical connection between the center and the public’s needs. 

Yolanda Ledezma, head coordinator at the Newhall Branch of the Community Center, works diligently to serve the community and lead her team.

“My role is to obviously supervise the programs that are happening at the community center, but also to evaluate the needs of the community and try to bring volunteers and staff…so that we can provide programs for the community,” said Ledezma.

The CHAMPS boxing program, a weekly class aimed at teaching the city’s youth, is a highlight among the many classes held at the center.

“In the CHAMPS program, we have participants from 8 to 17 years of age,” said Ledezma.

The coordinator also made note of the importance of this particular class and how it has made its way into her favorite activities.

“Anything that exposes the kids to culture, I love that, or classes like this one where we offer an outlet for the kids and for teens to come and participate,” commented Ledezma.

While Yolanda and the coordinating team create and implement the programs offered at the Newhall community center, local instructors like Sensei Dave pack the biggest punch and impact their students the most. 

Dave Moreno, known by most as Sensei Dave, teaches boxing at the Newhall Community Center and has guided his students to learn more than just a knockout punch. 

“They are not quitters. I push them to succeed. You know, basically working the foundation for a good career or to better themselves in martial arts,” expressed Moreno.

While the spring champs boxing season will end the last week of May. The summer sessions began on June 14. The program is free to you on a first-come, first-served basis and, of course, will feature the one and only Sensei Dave. 

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