By Elijah Dixon

The California State University system passed a 6% annual tuition hike for students over the next five years to reduce a $1.5 billion deficit.

In a 15-5 vote by the Board of Trustees, they approved an increase that is set to begin across all state schools starting in the fall 2024 semester. Raising tuition costs from $6,084 to over $7,682 by the 2028-2029.

A decision that angered current and future students as the increased cost puts further pressure on students already overburdened with financial stress.

 “We were all surprised by it,” said Madeline Mayen, a CSUN student.

“The first problem that was discussed in our household was the gas prices spiked up too, which is two financial problems that would affect us over time,” said Mayen.

With the increased cost, some students are looking at having to put off their academic goals and focus more on financial stability.

“I work already, almost practically full-time, to help my parents a little bit financially,” said CSUN student Ceasr Tobar.

Finding balance and alternatives will be another roadblock for these students in attending college and trying to secure their future.

“Will it affect my family personally and financially right at this moment?” said CSUN student Wilber Tobar. “It probably will.”

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