By Chirs Casey

Have you smelled something gut-retching recently? You aren’t the only
people in Castaic and Val Verde who live near the Chiquita Canyon Landfill who have reported a foul sulfur-like stench.

“Our quality of life, every day, is gone,” said 24-year Val Verde resident,
Abigail Desesa. “We can utilize any of our property and can’t have a family barbecue.”

The South Coast AQMD investigated the Chiquita due to the amount of odor affecting people. The order was a sub-surface chemical reaction resulting in major Dimethyl Sulfide levels.

“I would like to let everyone to know that this didn’t have to happen,” said Desesa. “Landfills are run every day around the world, and our country

With the over 2,000 complaints made to Chiquita’s management
and the South Coast AQMD, Chiquita, has added a new section to their website with the
Reports tab for any odor complaints and landfill reports.

If you have any complaints or concerns, you can contact the
South Coast AQMD by their phone number or website to make an air quality complaint. You can also call Chiquita Landfill or go to their website to report any odor you smell.

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  1. I’m totally confirming the information above. We are really having a hard time to live in this Castic Hasley canyon area. The arse worry about our home values,
    worry about the quality of air
    we cannot enjoy your home anymore not able to leave those doors and windows open and enjoy our beautiful backyard anymore

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