By: Elijah Dixon

An exciting and emotional day for the people that traveled from across the globe that gathered at college of the canyons, to honor one of its most winningest coach in history with the renaming of the basketball court to Lee Smelser Court.

With 455 wins, 2 state titles and plethora of individual accolades that he accumulated during his time at COC, there was nothing but good things said from the coaches,  former players and Assistants.

“The plays we still use where his some of them modified with the changes in the game rules, we still run several plays specialties that I learned from him. His fingerprints is in doubly etched on the program.”

“Coach was a tremendous inspiration to me and it’s really helped me in life in a lot of things even with my marriage looking at him and miss Smelser through the years, I had confidence that I could get married and stay married, right?”

Even with his amazing accolades and unmatched leadership, Lee Smelser believes this court is his most cherished accolade of them all.

“This is the greatest moment there isn’t any I I’ve been in two Hall of Fame fine married wife that was special believe me and this the biggest honor I’ve ever had in my life.”

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