While it was a cool and drizzle morning that didn’t stop the graduates of College of the Canyons from having a nice morning breakfast. For one particular graduate, the celebration tastes a little bit more sweeter after returning for 19 years.

“First came to COC I had a 1.75 GPA. I felt like it wasn’t for me, I hated school.” Jesse McClure said.

But Jesse decided to pursue something bigger than earning A’s and B’s.

“I had an opportunity to have my own television show, Jesse McClure is coming to quest. So I left this all behind and pursued my dreams, travelled the world filming in England all over Europe and otherwise.” McClure said.

Despite the big age gap, that didn’t stop Jesse from pursuing his educational dream.

“It was exciting. It was thrilling for me to go back at such an older age compared to my peers. It was just, I love adventure. And a lot of people don’t say college is an adventure, but it really was for me.” McClure said.

With an inspiring past in a bright future ahead, Jesse isn’t looking to slow down anytime soon.

“I got an offer from Columbia University to go there. But the great thing and the weird weird thing about it is I’m so much enjoying my time here that I’m going to be able to stick around and work with the civic engagement team after I graduate.” McClure said.

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