An awareness event for drinking and driving was held at the Student Health and Wellness Center on the Valencia campus in May, hosted by the college’s nurse Audrey Burgdorfer.

With help from the Health and Wellness staff, Burgdorfer hosts the event around graduation time to inspire students from getting behind the wheel drunk after graduation celebrating.

Students who attended the event had the opportunity to play a driving video game behind virtual reality goggles, and attempt to “walk the line”.

A student attempting the driving video game at the Health & Wellness Center’s ‘Drinking and Driving’ event.

Another activity played behind the goggles was a game of bean bag toss where students were tested on their ability with simple coordination skills.

Burgdorfer believes this issue spreads wider than just alcohol, and now affects those who smoke marijuana and drive.

“People are smoking and driving,” Burgdorfer says. “It blurs your ability to concentrate and think clearly.”

Those who volunteered to test the virtual reality simulator were offered to pledge to never drink and drive.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, a person’s blood alcohol content should be below .08% in the case of arrest.

Alongside the conviction of driving under the influence (DUI), a suspect will be fined by the State of California, as well as risk possible jail time or community service, and a revocation of license.

To prevent yourself from driving while inebriated, there are options available such as Uber, Lyft, calling a parent, or simply making a sober friend the designated driver.

“Most parents would rather have you home safe, and would be appreciative if you called them,” Burgdorfer says.

The Santa Clarita Valley also offers a designated driver system that picks up those intoxicated for $20 if necessary. This line can be reached at 661-313-8336.

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