Since 1998, College of the Canyons’ Department of Modern Languages has presented an International Film Festival for students and faculty to watch and learn bilingual films. 

This Film Festival is called “Alone Together,” which is the search for meaning and belonging. It was held from September 30th-November 18th, 2022. 

“The International Film Festival always has the objective of also connecting with the community members, students, and faculty as well,” Claudia Acosta, a COC Spanish Professor, said. “It happens every Friday Night.”

Mrs.Acosta presented the Spanish film Talk to Her at the International Film Festival on November 18, 2022. Marcus Nocerino/Canyons News 

The films that are presented are usually decided by The Department of Modern Languages professors depending on the type of language they teach and the theme for each film. Another Spanish instructor, Joao Junqueira, shared his own opinions about the last film that was presented called Talk To Her.

“Once I got into the story of the movie, I realized this powerful idea of characters that have very different experiences,” Junqueria said. “They come from different walks of life and they meet in very unusual circumstances.” 

Javier Camara and Leonaor Walting’s scene from Talk To Her on November 18, 2022. Marcus Nocerino/Canyons News 

The film Talk To Her, which translates to “Hable con Ella,” was Acosta’s choice as her last film because this film’s about coming together and not being alone. This also inspired Acosta to call the Film Festival “Alone Together.”

“I think it really encompasses everything in the theme,” Acosta said. “It has the communication aspects that are so important for communicating with one another.” “It also shows the various phases that humans go through when it comes to being lonely, being alone and not really having friends.”

“Both of the characters, the protagonists in this film, were completely alone and had nobody,” she continued. “At the end, they end up having each other.” 

Students & Faculty attending the Film Festival inside Halsey Hall at COC on November 18th, 2022 Marcus Nocerino/Canyons News

Many professors and students have learned so much by watching films that are bilingual. They have learned so much from the communication aspects of the language that is presented in each film.

The Department of Modern Languages professors look forward to people in the Santa Clarita community coming along for future events. This festival provides cultural exposure for students and faculty in each film. 

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