For many going out of state for college athletics can be a scary thing. That will not be the case for teammates Cristian Patron and McKenzie Stoehr. Patron and Stoehr will take that step together as they head to Mount Mercy University (Mt. Mercy University) to continue their basketball careers.

Both players earned All-Conference honors twice while at COC. “I think they will both continue to improve and will make solid contributions at the next level” said head coach Greg Herrick.

Patron and Stoehr enjoyed the fact that Mt Mercy not only has a great basketball program but has good programs for their respected majors.

Although they were unable to physically go to Mt Mercy due to the current pandemic they were able to see the school virtually. 

“It was definitely an interesting experience and I just had to adapt and make the best out of the situation at hand,” said Patron. 

Both were able to reach out to coaches at Mt Mercy via phone calls and zoom. 

Even though it was not the ideal way to see the University they both got a great feel for it. “Mt Mercy is a great location from the faculty to the community in the area; everyone is very supportive,” said Stoehr.

Even though they did not plan on committing to the same University they’re both excited that they can go through the experience together. “We already have such a great chemistry on the court which I think will help us adapt quicker to the program,” said Patron.

“I went away to college with my best friend so I understand the advantage in having a familiar face with you as you take on the challenge of being away from home,” said Herrick “They’ve always been good friends off the court so that can only help in their new surrounding.”

While they are both happy to be playing with each other for another two years they are both looking forward to meeting all their new teammates. “The team will be something I hope to make great memories from. Playing at a collegiate level is something not many people get to do,” said Stoehr “I am very grateful for the opportunity and am very excited to work hard at something I love.”

Patron and Stoehr are grateful for all their COC coaches and teammates always pushing them to be the greatest they could be. “I will always have a special place in my heart for COC women’s basketball and all that it has provided me,” said Patron.

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