If you have any questions as the spring semester comes to an end, a new opportunity opens for students to get ahead in time for this fall semester.

Enrollment in the summer session has just begun with more than 600 core classes and a wide range of disciplines available.

“We have classes that are five weeks long, eight weeks long and different lengths of time for students to be able to attend,” Jasmine Ruys said. “We also have three different start dates for students to be able to start classes during the summers.”

In total four sessions are planned for this summer. A five-week session from June 5 to July 10. An eight-week session from June 12 to Aug. 7. Another five-week session from June 19 to July 24, and a final five-week session from July 10 to August 14.

For students who need help with their degree, there are plenty of avenues to receive vital financial aid. Summer courses can provide both high school and college credits with waived enrollment fees for high school juniors and seniors.

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