The Summit Seals hosted their Spring Boutique giving vendors an opportunity to show off their businesses. One vendor in particular reaches the heart of the community through her hands

Aimee Wellins – Seven years ago I took a class. The class was pottery which was on my bucket. Shortly list I fell in love. So I signed up for one class after another after another and then when you make a lot of things then what do you do? Everybody you know gets a lot of stuff but then you have to, if you wanna keep making things then you have to find a way to share the love. So, I decided to start trying to do boutiques and put the joy out into the world. 

After marking pottery off of her bucket list, she takes her time on each and every piece of pottery. For example, she puts a snowflake on the bottom of each one that she makes which shows that each piece will be different once you buy it. She finds that being in person is better than being online because it would hurt her business more than it would help it. 

Aimee Wellins – I like the one on one that I get to have at these things because the thrill of pottery is being able to touch it and see it in person and really feel it and feel the, whether or not it’s gonna fit you or not and a picture online just doesn’t do it justice. So I haven’t felt like that was the best avenue for my pieces. 

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