It has come once again. Finals week.

Procrastination becomes everyone’s best friend, and tensions run high.

The TLC is a hotspot for students desperate for help on their final projects of the semester.

“During finals week the environment can be a little more hectic than normal,” said Frederick Bobola, a TLC coordinator. “I always warn the staff to be a little more mindful, and have a little bit more extra patience and kindness and compassion towards the students.”

The Student Health and Wellness Center is a useful resource when the stress of finals can become overwhelming. To help from getting too stressed, they advise to stay organized, think positively, stay on top of sleep, and take deep breaths, as well as others.

“I do everything by the due date,” said TLC tutor Hadir Azab. “And say, for example, that doesn’t work out, my favorite thing is to-do lists, and just making sure I know everything that has to be done.”

Bobola recommends the old flashcard activity when it can become difficult to focus on studying.

Basically, a student writes down things to memorize on flashcards, one-by-one going through them. The ones the student got correct go in one pile, and the ones the student got incorrect go into another pile. The student keeps going over the incorrect pile of flashcards until they are answered correctly.

All in all, just remember as finals come ever closer to stay calm and stay positive. Summer is just around the corner. Only one more hurdle to accomplish in order to hit the beaches.




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