The city of Santa Clarita hosted the 19th annual Bike to Work Challenge. This event consisted of local businesses riding to work together in order to reduce emissions from cars.

When speaking to Santa Clarita City staff member Lindsay Schmandt, she highlighted the challenges intentions.

“Things we want to emphasize, on an event like this, is it’s an alternative mode of transportation,” Schmandt said. “So we’re taking cars off-road which is essentially just a way to improve local air quality and traffic congestion, and that is also a benefit for health!”

The event also helped improve the use of bike trails within the Santa Clarita
community. The city had five pit stops along the route, with partnerships such as Chick-fil-A, Honu Coffee, Incycle Bicycles, and KHS bicycles.

Local resident and participant, James Doherty, made mention of his favorite part of the ride.

“These trails are always clean, they’re free of the breeze and you can
almost go throughout the whole city without seeing an intersection which is nice,” Doherty said.

If you’re looking to be more involved in the bike community and events like this, go to and

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