A violent attack at Valencia High School leaves many wondering what to do about student-on-student fighting. To the surprise of many, these fights happen more commonly than people think.

On April 28, at around 10:30 a.m., two students had a physical confrontation on one of the sports fields at the Valencia High School campus, which resulted in one of the students being stabbed and the school going on a soft lockdown until the police arrived and arrested the suspect.

The suspect had been rumored to have been repeatedly bullied by the victim for months and had received multiple threatening messages. This is just one example of many about fighting and bullying.

Randy Word is the Head Sensei at Rising Sun Karate and has been training with countless students for almost two decades in martial arts and how to handle bullying situations correctly.

When asked about his experience with student violence, Word said, “Bullies tend to attack victims, and if they can’t get an emotional rise out of you, they just move
on and pick on another victim, my next step would then obviously be to go tell someone.”

Seeing many students come and go, Sensei Randy knows how difficult it may be for students to speak about their problems.

Logan Traub is a student at Rising Sun and is also in 8th grade. Even in junior high, he still witnesses bullying and fights.

“I hear about them too many times to count, but it’s such a regular occurrence some days,” said Traub. “So I think they need to change up the ways they give the consequences for certain situations.”

The school system seems also to be an issue. With the epidemic of bullying, many wonder if the school system takes enough action and if they are proactive when a situation occurs.

“Schools should step in a little bit more. And be more strict about it,” comments Traub.

“Yeah, I believe if they were a little bit more proactive that we would have less bullying in school,” Said Sensei Randy.

As more awareness is brought towards this issue, many hope to see a decrease in violence on campus.

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