Hands on earth, an environmental club here at COC, hosted a
Swap and share for students.

Students got the chance to donate items such as clothes and books,
while picking out things they liked. The club felt it was a better alternative to throwing things away.

“It would just add to landfills, and basically they would be rotting away, if we’re doing something like this then we could sort of extend the life time of some of these items.” Anh-thi/ club member said.

And though hands on earth is a smaller club, they are looking to make a big impact on the community.

“You also have to think about people who don’t have a lot of money. I’m sure a lot of people on campus aren’t wealthy and might be homeless or have different circumstances or situations they’re going through.” Caroline Shoemake/Co-president said.

For the club helping out the community is one goal, but passing on their philosophy is another.

“We’re trying to encourage reusing, reducing and recycling, so instead of going to a
store and buying something new, we’re hoping to encourage people to swap and share.” Misheel Unur/Co-president said.

The club’s efforts will also assist another program on campus.

“We also have the banc here too, so actually we’ll be donating anything that’s leftover here to the banc afterwards.” Shoemake said.

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