Tucked away in Newhall is the preserved estate of legendary
Western film star William S. Hart, arguably the most influential silver screen
cowboy of all time.

“Like how our grandparents, you know, remember John Wayne
or Clint Eastwood. Very bad, badass. You know, shoot up a saloon kind of
thing. Hart was really the first of that. Pioneered the Western genre if you
really want to get down to it. Even with his horse Fritz, you had Bill Hart and
Fritz who were really the first of that Hollywood cowboy horse duo”. Evan Decker says

Though William S. Hart is no longer here. The Hart mansion
still stands as a reminder of his legacy.

“Hart park is really unique, jem. Because of the fact it is, you
know, a silent film star’s preserved estate. The benefit of the American
public of every race and creed, which he wanted that put in, this is 1946.
Segregation was still a big deal in our country”. Evan Decker states

With the help from volunteers, Hart Park has been able to
preserve many of Hart’s personal photographs as well as letters from
legendary airwomen to historic lawmen.

I also have to understand too, he was friends with, as I like to
say, everybody we read about in the history books today. I know for a fact
Amelia Earhart’s been here twice. Evan Decker states

Hart Park is filled with many great amenities, from the ranch
house to the bison. Unfortunately, the most prized attraction the Hart
mansion, where the museum is located, has been closed since the COVID

“The city of Santa Clarita is looking to take over ownership of
the park. So that’s why the house has been closed for three years now.
Basically, the museum is in transfer. But we’ve been doing fine here for 65
years.”states Evan Decker

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