Bribes to allow certain students admission into prestigious schools were exposed recently when information about those involved was given to authorities.

Some of the popular names involved in the scandal include Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, who were both charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services fraud for paying their daughters’ way into college.

Along with the two celebrities, at least 50 other individuals have also been proven to be involved and forced to go to court for their crimes.

These recent discoveries have shaken the confidence of many regular college students, including some on the College of the Canyons Valencia campus.

“There’s a general perception that institutions in general are not accessible to normal people,” said Roger Atlas, a COC physics student.

This perception combined with the recent scandal furthers the discouragement for students at community colleges to feel like they are good enough to transfer to their preferred four-year universities.

The stress that comes with this news also takes a toll on student athletes.

“When people their age are cheating I know they probably can’t feel good about that,” COC Head Womens Volleyball Coach Clay Timmons stated.

Those that participate in sports while taking full-time college courses sometimes face a higher challenge than normal due to their busy schedules.

With bribery taking spots away on sports teams at popular universities, these deserving athletes feel like they have to find another way to get ahead of the competition for admission.

Although this seems like a difficult spot for these students, COC has an array of opportunities to lend them a helping hand.

“The resources are here to help you with the transfer process, with COC or even with just your general future, if you need guidance, we’re here,” urged Jed Bookout, the lead humanities tutor at The Learning Center on campus.

“I really really really don’t want this to discourage students, I really really really want this to encourage them to work even harder.”

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