By Jonathan Garcia

Central Park, located in Santa Clarita is home to many outdoor amenities with multiple athletic fields.  

Residents across the valley might not know what runs along the back side of Central Park, which locates the Disc Golf course. 

This past Saturday, the city hosted a community play day for players to test out what  could be a permanent 18-hole course. 

“We’ve expanded our footprint here.  Where we’ve worked very closely with the SCV water district where we are able to  acquire more space for the course,” said Richard Carr a Recreation Supervisor for the City of Santa Clarita.

Central Park is leased by the Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency which lead to discussions that finalized fence expansions for the course. 

Players at the event experienced the city made changes along with spend time with the  disc golf community. 

“It is set up to get feedback on a new 18-hole course. A draft design that we have and get their input so we can meet their needs and make sure that we have a great course for  them to play,” said Carr.

The event consisted with friendly people with different types of experience all around,  sharing one thing in common for those curious in joining the sport. 

“If you’re afraid of learning how to play, then just pick up a simple frisbee and come out and start playing and people are always willing to help you learn and as you gain experience, you learn the difference between the disks,” said Steve Petzold, a local Disc Golf Player.

For players like Steve, his experience within Disc Golf has shown the expansion within  the sport. 

“Well, I started out about the 1970s at Kalamazoo College and we still didn’t have baskets at that time, so we played street signs and light poles and bushes,” said Petzold.

Now that Santa Clarita is finalizing a permanent course, how does the long time player view the changes? 

“I like all of the improvements. Other than some minor tweaks. I haven’t heard any  major complaints,” said Petzold.

With players getting the chance to voice their opinion, the city is looking to score in as  much feedback as possible. 

“I want to thank everybody at those agencies and thank the city’s Parks and Recs as  well as the staff who over time has worked hard to make this day possible,” said Petzold.

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