Floyd Moos, a longtime professor and administrator at College of the Canyons is going back into retirement at the end of the spring semester.

After many years of retirement, Moos had returned to the school to serve as Interim Dean of Visual and Performing Arts at the request of Chancellor Van Hook, during which he noticed how much students changed over his time at the college.

“Students today seem to be far more career focused the they were in the time that I taught in the classroom,” Moos says. “I rarely heard students ask the question, ‘Well can I get a job doing this?’ I think they’re far wiser in that way now.”

During his time at College of the Canyons, Floyd had an instrumental part in many bringing many new ideas to the school, such as bringing personal computers to campus for the first time and also founding the Art Start program.

“He knew how to prod the system to get things he wanted done,” former Media Entertainment Arts instructor Ron Entrekin said. “And I think he still does that.”

Moos, also a former English professor, loves hearing from former students who took his Shakespeare classes on how it impacted their lives.

“Parents talk about reading Shakespeare to their children, [which is] a huge success for me,” he says.

This is truly the end of an era at College of the Canyons as we say goodbye to someone who has had impact on so many students as well as faculty’s lives.

“His calming influence,” Entrekin says. “As a leader, as an instructor, as a personal friend. There’s nobody like him.”

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