By: Andres Sosa

Muay Thai is the art of eight limbs. It was first made as a close combat system for people in the military in Thailand. It requires punching, kneeing, kicking and elbowing your opponent. It also includes clinching and sweeping as well. But the most important part about Muay Thai is that it can also pull you out of tough situations.

Parish Shipley wanted to compete, and sooner or later become a coach. One of his toughest opponents has been drug and alcohol use.

Now, his main focus is coaching. He wants to make sure to show the love of Muay Thai and show how people that everything can be fine with the art, but also make sure that people can feel confident about themselves as well.

“That’s the big thing for me,” Shipley said. “I have I had a student who came to me for self defense, for fear of their own parents. She was able to defend herself. That’s the biggest reward for me.”

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