By Aja Haskins

Workers line the entrances of Henry Mayo Newhall in a one-day strike. After negotiations for a new contract stalled, support staff ranging from patient care attendants to surgical techs stood in solidarity against unfair labor practices and expressed their unhappiness with the hospital’s proposed contract.

Employees on strike outside of the hospital say they believe they deserve more than the 1% they’re being offered. The stress of the strike was also appointed to the recent pandemic, causing activists anger and feelings of unfairness.

Suarez : “we weren’t treated properly. We weren’t treated right by
The hospital coming into negotiation. We wanted to make sure that
Our contract reflected that”

Henry mayo did release a statement denying any unfair labor
Practices and categorized the strike as an attempt to disrupt
Patient care. Despite stalls the ue local 1004 and henry mayo are
Set to continue negotiating.

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