Few things in life will catch your eye as well as the glint of a classic car cruising down the street, and on every second Saturday through October, guests can be treated to the sight of dozens of these beauties at the Route 66 Classic Grill Car Show.

The owner of The Route 66 diner, George Thomas, claims their car shows have been a gathering place of the SCV classic car enthusiast community for twenty years.

“The first show of the season is always the best,” Steve Brackett, a car enthusiast, states. “It’s always the biggest.”

Brackett has been a part of the Route 66 crew for the last three years, and claims it’s his favorite.

“I look forward to every car show,” Brackett says. “I’ve been to every one for the last three years.”

The Route 66 Classic Grill Car Show is the place to be to meet other self-proclaimed “gearheads” and enjoy themed ambiance and great food.

Each show costs $10 to participate, which goes toward local nonprofit organizations, and will be happening from now until October 12.

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