With rain comes…. pollution. An issue that green Santa Clarita is
trying to help prevent with its rain barrel program. Residents had the opportunity to pick-up their rain barrels and participate in a class on the importance of harvesting rainwater.

The president of rain barrel internationals, Cindy Berglund said, “These barrels fill up in about 45 minutes and it’s always great in case of emergencies to have them on your property.”

The barrels allow residents to capture and store rainwater for future use, and some residents are taking advantage.

Resident Mario Bruckner mentions, “It’s a worthwhile thing, we need to collect water, we’ve been lucky, this has been a strange, strange winter. We’ve had so much rain, so I kind of wish we would have had these barrels like a month ago.”

Bruckner also states, “I think this is a wonderful opportunity offered by the city and this company and I think you need to get involved and start saving rainwater.”

Environmental experts say it also helps prevent pollution. California’s drought outlook has improved, but groundwater and major water reservoirs like Castaic Lake will do much of the heavy lifting throughout the summer.

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