By Marriya Ahumada

For many last-year students the excitement of graduation can be more than a little distracting, causing them to slack on schoolwork. There is a name for this phenomenon: “senioritis.”

This affliction applies to students in their last year of high school or college, and is characterized by a decline in motivation and performance.

“Senioritis is when a student is in their last year of school and they begin to lose motivation and feel burned out,” said Tammy Mahan, a COC professor. “It is as if a fog has come over them and they just feel done on all levels.”

“It’s not something you do consciously, it just happens when you’re almost done; you start to mentally check out because your focus is on getting to graduation,” said Anthony, a COC student who preferred not to reveal his real name.

After conducting a poll, it was determined that 76% of students believe senioritis to be prevalent among college students.

“People might think it’s something made up, something people say to excuse themselves for being lazy but I sincerely believe this is a genuine concern for college students,” said Philip Bautista, a COC student.

I have experienced senioritis… many times. I have also witnessed it in my students during their last semester.  They just get this glazed look over their eyes like they are in a burned out trance,” said Mahan, a COC psychology professor.

Though you may not believe so, this affliction can have damaging effects that last long after graduation. It’s not uncommon for students who experience senioritis to have their university offers rescinded. Additionally, any financial aid that has been granted can also be taken away, if your GPA has dropped, according to The Huffington Post.

But how can students who are experiencing senioritis better deal with their symptoms? Because senioritis is not a medical condition there are no real treatments for the symptoms this affliction provides.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms as a student, I would recommend balancing all of your deadlines and take a break,” said Mahan. “I think the main thing is remembering that you are almost there…. So keep going… you didn’t come this far to quit the race right before reaching the finish line.”

Relaxation is key to the balance between schoolwork and everyday life for student’s, even those who do not claim senioritis. So making sure to utilize your time and find space for relaxation can make all the difference when battling out the symptoms of senioritis.

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