(Credit: Jamie Araki/Canyons News)
Jamie Araki/ Canyons News

A car fire on Interstate 5 in Stevenson Ranch prompted a California Highway Patrol (CHP) and Los Angeles County Fire response Tuesday night, officials said. 

Jonathan Nutzati and his brother, Joshua Nutzati, were on their way home to San Francisco from a day of sightseeing in Los Angeles, according to the motorists. 

Jamie Araki/ Canyons News

“We were on our way back to San Francisco when our car began to fill with smoke on the freeway,” said Jonathan Nutzati. “We opened the sunroof to clear some smoke so I could see well enough to pull over to the shoulder.”

When units arrived on scene, they found a black BMW fully engulfed in flames. Both brothers were safely out of the vehicle, tossing what they could out onto the shoulder, according to officials. 

“As soon as we got out, flames engulfed the car,” said Jonathan Nutzati. 

Photo Courtesy of the Nutzati brothers

The brothers have their ideas on what could have started the fire. 

“We had lithium polymer batteries in the car. We suspect that was the cause,” said Jonathan Nutzati. 

No official cause has been determined by investigators as of Wednesday morning. 

Both brothers were in good spirits during the ordeal, and even opted to take a photo in front of their charred vehicle before it was towed off. 

Jamie Araki/ Canyons News

The freeway was opened shortly after the incident. There were no injuries and no transports needed. 

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