By Anthony Riley

The old town of Mentryville runs ‘rich with history’! The town’s past is filled with California’s oil history as it was the forefront for big corporations such as Chevron. The city has claimed the town to be restored as a piece of history and its buildings will be renovated for public tours and events.

“I feel that it’s imperative that to keep this place going and to keep you know preserving its history and educating the public on its importance you know and why it is such a big piece of California history,” said Evan Decker

The buildings of this town have been discounted for years, but this does not diminish the impact it has on this city’s history. In 1977, it was dedicated as a piece of California’s historically registered landmarks. Soon enough, the town will be open for business once more and enthusiasts of this historical landmark will have the opportunity to explore a part of California’s history.

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