Are you tired? Want time to relax and unwind? Maybe go out and see that new cinematic masterpiece that just came out? Problem is, you don’t know which theater to choose. Well, this list should help you decide which of the three theaters in SCV to choose. Listing things like discounts, locations, ticket prices, and online ratings from actual moviegoers.

Laemmle Newhall

This theater is only a quick 7-minute drive from the Valencia COC and 17 minutes from the Canyon Country COC. This theater has a 4.8 out of 5 stars on Google reviews with moviegoers like Adam Hasper sayings,
“Such a fun and awesome place for SCV. This is our favorite movie theater by far!”

The photo was taken by Adam Hasper on Google Reviews of popcorn and drinks inside the theater.

Their regular ticket prices are $9.50 for seniors and children and $12.50 for adults, with matinee prices at $9.50 for all. But for students on Sunday they are $9, or $12 if you want to see a movie in 3D, with popcorn being 1-3 dollars depending on the size. A good place to go with friends or family or just by yourself and have a good time.

Regal Edwards Canyon Country

This theater is 6 minutes from the Canyon Country COC and is roughly 13 minutes from the Valencia COC campus. They have a 4.3 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews with SCV residences like Jovanny N saying,
“Forget the one in Santa Clarita this has the old-school vibes and looks. Bonus, due to the location, it isn’t full so it’s perfect for those opening weekends.”
Their ticket prices are $12 for children and $15 for adults with matinee prices being $12 for kids and $12.50 for adults. Luckily if you are part of their rewards club you can get your tickets for $6.50 and get half off on your popcorn on Tuesdays. The good news for students, if you show your student ID when you purchase your tickets, you get a student discount of up to 15% off.

Regal Edwards Canyon Country concession stand from

Regal Edwards Valencia ScreenX & IMAX

For those hanging out at the Westfield mall or those at the Valencia COC campus who have some free time to unwind, this theater is perfect for you. This theater is only a short 2-minute drive from the Valencia campus and is about 20 minutes from the COC Canyon Country location. This theater has a 4.3 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews, with movie lovers like Mario Antonio Munoz saying,
“(Translated by Google) Excellent rooms especially the room where you can choose your seat is a little more expensive but worth it.”
It is part of the Regal Family so it has the same discounts Tuesday and ticket prices, same student discounts as well but with the bonus of the bigger IMAX screens.

Inside of Regal Edwards Valencia ScreenX & IMAX with candy machines on the left side and a claw machine on the right from

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