Tutors Hanna Hollenbach and Kailyn Siemantel

Beyond the Classroom Tutoring Pod, created by Hanna Hollenbach and Kailyn Siemantel is a new opportunity for children in elementary school to get the one-on-one tutoring they need. During the COVID-19 pandemic, students aren’t getting actual physical help from teachers. Hollenbach and Siemantel believe that today, kids are really being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, Hollenbach and Siemantel decided to launch this for the students’ needs.

“We both know that this is what kids need and it feels good,” said Kailyn Siemantel, who has an AA in early childhood education. 

They want to be able to build better connections with families in the community.

Two kids that Hollenbach and Siemantel tutor 

But what makes Hollenbach and Siemantel great advocates for children is because they understand how kids have to adjust to both worlds and try to navigate online for school.

“We believe that no one’s learning style is the same and we don’t want kids to miss anything,” said Hollenbach, who’s studying to get her teaching credentials.

They feel that kids may be falling behind while trying to adjust to this new reality.

  Picnic tutor time with students   

Beyond the Classroom Tutoring Pod will provide two hours, teaching the kids whatever they are struggling with.

“From multiplication, reading comprehension, and we will also provide extra worksheets for different grades,” said Siemantel.

They want the children to be comfortable as if it’s a free place for them to learn and not rush anything.

They believe that children’s social settings are important too, so they want to help the kids in participating in team-building activities. They have picnic-style tutoring, which is at the last 30 minutes of class, to help bring positivity.

They are also very aware of the safety policies and the measures to take to keep everyone safe.  

“We take precautions for COVID-19 and as tutors, we always have our masks on and provide hand sanitizer,” Hollenbach said. ‘’We also make sure it’s six feet apart if a child does not want to have their masks on.”

For more information on how to register your child for tutoring ,email Hollenbach and Siemantel at beyondtheclassroompod@gmail.com or contact them at 661-993-2115.

 From Canyons News: Cheryl Akpenyi, Cooper Ignatian, Malcolm Dos Santos Silva, Diego Serrano

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