By: Kyle Kawamoto 

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Santa Clarita residents come to check out the adoption at the Acura Dealership on Nov. 20th (Kyle Kawamoto/Canyons News) 

When you come to the dealership, you can purchase a pet! Valencia Acura opened their first adoption event. On the morning of November  21, there were age groups from the elderly to toddlers looking for a friend to bring home for the holidays. 

“This is our first annual pet adoption. If we have a good turnout today, we’re definitely going to do it again next year,” Brian Fleming of Acura stated. 

The result of the event ended with an amazing turnout,with pet cages getting emptier by the minute. Starting with nearly over 20 pets, there were at least six by noon.

There were volunteers all around from Santa Clarita all the way to Lancaster looking over stray animals and then bringing them to the adoption event to give them a new home. 

“I just moved out to Lancaster like three and a half years ago or so. So that’s when I started. I used to volunteer for a rescue. I love to see this.  A couple of years ago, we did adopt within a couple hours we didn’t even have enough pets to adopt. So, these events involve a lot of people. I wouldn’t be surprised, if the pets looked for them.” Marina, a volunteer for the Los Angeles Animal Care Foundation, said. (Los Angeles Animal Care Foundation Volunteer) stated. 

All the volunteers that come around are there with happy intentions to find lost pets a new home.

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Feeling the comfort of the dog (Valencia Acura) [Kyle Kawamoto/Canyons News]

Sometimes, the location of an adoption spot can be unexpected.

“I like that they kind of did it on like the car campus because it brings good attention to this dealership as well. Like they’re super into finding a home. And I think it’s really cool that they can put it smack in the middle of town,” local pet adopter Caitlin Ingam stated. 

 Finding a home for all of these pets is a priority and finding them the perfect home is always the best.

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Valencia Acura holds first annual pet adoption event (Kyle Kawamoto/Canyons News)

With high hopes, it is special for the holidays to see the turnout of events of people coming to the adoption.  

“Oh, it’s wonderful. This is what we strive for, to get all these animals a good home,” Animal Control Manager Fred Agoopi said. “This was an incredible turnout. Honestly, it surpassed our expectations. We’ll be in talks with the dealership. We have already communicated this morning to keep this going. The intervals will be determined at a later time but that definitely will do this again.” 

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A cat waits for someone to pick them during adoption (Kyle Kawamoto/CanyonsNews)
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