Good opportunities are like good people, hard to come by yet invaluable. For many students, earning a college degree would be nothing shy of a dream come true. Unfortunately for some, that dream is at risk, not because of an academic struggle, but due to unmet financial need. This year, COC is working to secure the dreams of its California Dream Act students through a newly created empowerment program.

“The Dream Act Service Incentive Grant Program is an incentive grant provided by CSAC aimed towards undocumented students and to help students either volunteer on campus or off campus with organizations that qualify for the incentive grant,” Raul Gomez said.

For these qualifying students itching to learn more, an information session was held on campus in the Student Support Center. The DREAM Act service incentive grant program seeks to bridge the financial gap for those dreamers who have at least $4,000 in unmet financial need. 

“When I first read about it, I was really excited because I feel like this is an opportunity for undocumented students to really get out there and get some opportunities and maybe get some more funding for schools,” Karin Fredrickson said. 

The DSIG is one of several empowerment programs at COC. The BANC center where all COC students can get household items with no questions asked is a relief for many students, especially those who feel they’re in a race against the clock.

“It doesn’t have a deadline,” Fredrickson said. “So hopefully it’ll be renewed year after year after year. And once we finally get it launched. I think that next year, we’re really going to start seeing it make an impact.”

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